Last week I found out a very simple tool to improve my scientific manuscripts written in English. I recognize that several editors have asked me, after accepting my scientific papers, conducting a review of the language by a native language expert. ‘Writefull’ is an application that will allow us to improve our written in a very simple way.

The idea of ​​this software is very simple. After selecting a text (a word or a phrase), ‘writefull’ will show the number of times that people have used this expression on the web. Depending on the number of times, we could decide if the expression is correct or wrong. But ‘writefull’ offers more options. ‘Writefull’ can also show us similar expressions in order to compare them with our initial sentence, definition of a word, synonyms in the context of the sentence, etc. You can see an example in the video below:

‘Writefull’ uses texts from Google to find matches. There are two versions. The GoogleBooks version (English only), whose price is $5, and the web version (36 languages​​) that has a variable cost depending on the number of queries that we request (1000 queries = $12) plus the previous $5 when we download it. Each version has its advantages and disadvantages and we can use together.

We can use ‘writefull’ in any text editor, and there is a version for MAC OSX and another one for MS Windows.