In previous posts, I talked about the importance of time management. We have seen the principles of GTD (Getting Things Done) method and the pomodoro method. These methods and others that we will see later, are very interesting and useful, but without a real system (a task manager) do little. So today I decided to list the features that a task manager should have according to my experience and my needs.


The task manager must be able to:

  1. Create tasks
  2. Group tasks as projects, contexts, or hierarchically
  3. Include deadlines
  4. Include alarms or reminders of deadlines
  5. Include start dates (in this way, the task will only appear when it is time to work with it)
  6. Setting priorities to tasks
  7. Access tasks from both my computer and my smart phone (in other words, online synchronization)
  8. Easily see tasks with a deadline of today, and with a deadline of a few days.

They are the requirements for a task manager from my experience. In later posts, we discuss the most popular task managers.