This week I recommend the following posts and papers:

1. Defining plagiarism. Here you can find a post which enumerates and describes the five types of existing plagiarism. It is a very interesting post because most people think that there is only one type of plagiarism. Link

2. A letter from a frustrated author. The second suggestion of the week is a letter published in The Journal of Systems and Software in which an author, in a fairly sympathetic shows the frustration that all researchers have had, sooner or later in the attempt to publish the results of their research. Link

3. A PhD dissertation. Last week I was in a court evaluating a dissertation supervised by Jose M. Sallan and Pep Simo on leadership, organizational climate and organizational citizenship behavior. A good work that I recommend. Link

4. Scopus versus ISI Web. Finally, the following post shows a comparison between the Impact Factor of ISI Web of Knowledge and the SJC Factor of SCOPUS for atmospheric science journals. It is a good example which shows the similarities between the factors of these two private companies. Link