This week I recommend the following posts and papers:

1. What is the Best Way to Analyze Data? This post is recommended for all PhD candidates who are beginning to investigate. Roger Peng (author of the post) explains the steps to follow in the data analysis process. Link

2. The Limits of Psychophysics, and Physics. Interesting post where Jag Bhalla explains the influence of research in science (eg physics) on the social sciences, and the limitations that this entails. A very good reflection. Link

3. Academics and universities must continue to develop open access alternatives. I am a supporter of open access policies, and companies and organizations which impel them (as the scientific publisher OmniaScience). This post provides further justification for the need to adapt current policies towards open access. Link

4. Optimizing Your Digital Business Model. Finally, I suggest reading a paper, that I found interesting, of the MIT Sloan Management Review. The main focus of this paper is the analysis of well known cases as Apple and Amazon. A good reading. Link