This week I recommend the following posts and papers:

1. Alternatives ways to say study. ‘Study’ is very common word in scientific papers. However, some authors overuse this word. This post proposes some alternative ways to say this word. Link

2. QCASoft. This week I propose a software that we have developed in my research group for qualitative data analysis based on the QCA methodology. It is still in beta version, but it is fully operational and it works properly. Link

3. Tablets vs e-ink. This post proposes various methods and tools to manage and work with scientific literature which we are working with. Very useful for doctoral students and other researchers. Link

4. Publication fees for open access journals. Finally, I suggest a scientific paper about the different kind of publication fees we can find in open access journals. Interesting paper to know and understand the future of the scientific publication, according to my point of view. Link

Finally, this week I present a curious video that I liked it. I hope you enjoy it. Link