This week I recommend the following posts and papers:

1. Platforms and Integration in Statistical Research. This post analyzes two approaches using the debate in the technology world over which approach is better, the Apple integrative model or the Google/Microsoft modular platform model. Link1 & Link2

2. Inspiring women in science and technology. In this website, you can find some pictures which can inspire women in science and technology. Link

3. Markets versus Dialogue. This post looks at how the debate over open access celebrates its contribution to dialogue while ignoring the underlying processes by which the possibility of genuine dialogue over our future is being undermined by the commercialisation of research. Link

4. Book Review: Research for Development: A Practical Guide. This post reviews an interesting book and it finds that this is a very useful book for students of development research and teachers looking for a robust and engaging teaching tool. Detailed case studies and examples from around the world help bring the guide to life. Link