This week I recommend the following posts and papers:

1. Altmetrics. Several researchers have investigated how the classical methods for assessing scientific research have become outdated. This post introduces the concept altmetrics and alt-products. Link

2. Comment isn’t free. This post exposes how uncivil comments posted under an online news article about nanotechnology could shape readers’ interpretations of the technology itself. Very interesting post for all people from the scientific world. Link

3. Book: Constructing Research Questions. This post reviews a very interesting book where the focus is one of the most important parts in the development of research: the research question. In most cases, the research question is only one section, but here the authors have focused only on this stage of the investigation. I have already had it. Link

4. The Leek group policy for developing sustainable R packages. Finally, I suggest a post about how to create some packages for analyzing data in R. I believe that researchers need to know how the tools that they are using in their researchers work in order to understand the whole process. Link