The UNESCO Chair of Higher Education Management (or CUDU) is a unit of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya·BarcelonaTech (UPC), which was created in 1998. This initiative is the result of the creation in 1992 of the “UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs” By UNESCO. UNITWIN is abbreviation for “UNIVERSITY TWINNING”.

The CUDU’s mission is to promote the quality, innovation and social commitment of higher education institutions in the field of management, through debate, policy dissemination, training, studies, advice and knowledge management, and thus promote excellence. Its motto is: “Quality, innovation and social commitment”.


Someone will wonder why I am introducing the CUDU in my blog. It’s simple. A few weeks ago, the rector and vicerector of University Policy of the UPC offered me the opportunity to direct and manage it. After thinking and talking to many people, I accepted. So since last April 1, I am the new director of the CUDU. It is a great challenge that I accepted with great enthusiasm, which I think dedicate a lot of time and effort. Let’s see what happens.

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