As I said a few weeks ago, today I’m going to start posting a serie of posts about text editors for technical and scientific texts. Today I start with the first editor I used about 10 years ago: Mellel for MAC OSX.

Mellel is the flagship product of private enterprise RedleX located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its first release came out in 2002, and is now a fairly mature product according to my experience.

Although Mellel looks like a standard editor like Microsoft Word or Pages, Mellel differs from them by its power, reliability and speed regardless of the size or length of the document text. Many text editors, especially the most common ones, slow down when you ‘re working with long documents unediting their content or shutting down unexpectedly. With Mellel, these problems do not appear again. It is a text editor that can provide more or less the same options as the most popular text editors, maintaining reliability and speed.

In Mellel, you can use the most common options and tools of full text editors: to use templates; to create and edit tables; to insert images; to insert headers, footers, cross references, tables of contents, etc.; to edit the style of a character, a paragraph, a section, and a page; to manage and changes control.

We may also interact with several reference managers to insert citations and create references with different styles. Finally, we note that Mellel perfectly manages the use of multiple languages ​​in the same document. With Mellel will not have problems again when you combine different languages ​​either Castilian, English, Hebrew, Russian or Chinese in the same document.

Moreover, Mellel allows you to insert equations via MathMagic equation editor.

Finally I need to note that Mellel uses its own format to save documents, so it is not possible to open them in other text editors. However, Mellel allows you to export them in the most popular formats.


  • Power, Reliability and Speed
  • Use of multiple languages ​​in the same document
  • High level of control over the document
  • Full integration with reference managers
  • Exportation in the most popular formats: plain text, RTF ,MS Word, OPML, and pdf.


  • Own file format, although with several export options.
  • For use of equations, it is necessary to use MathMagic.

The cost of the regular license is $39; education license is $29. If you decide to buy Mellel and Bookends (a great reference manager which we’ll discuss later), the total cost is $69 instead of $88.