We have previously spoken of Latex, that allows us to write scientific papers with absolute control on the final result. Most distributions have a basic Latex editor, but there are a lot of  “vitamin” Latex editors  to simplify the wording of such documents. One of the most popular is TexStudio, a fork of Texmaker, which works in MS Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. From my point of view, this feature is very important because it allows me to use the same editor regardless of operating system where I work.

TexStudio greatly simplifies the wording of Latex documents providing a modern IDE, such as an interactive spell checking, a code folding, a syntax highlighting, several wizards for images, tables and formulas, and auto LaTeX command (the most important in my opinion).


All these functions or features, among others, allow the agile and simple wording. The main problem for most people is to create tables, to edit formulas, and to insert images. TexStudio simplifies these functions through a simple and intuitive graphical environment.

There are Latex editors nicer, more modern, more stylish, and certainly more powerful, but TexStudio shows you the main tools directly without the need to become an expert in Latex or the same editor. By the way, TexStudio is open source, so it is free.

Enlace: http://texstudio.sourceforge.net