Sitkis is a free Java-based software tool developed exclusivily for bibliometric analysis. Sitkis provides tools for extremely streamlined analysis of bibliometric networks. Utilizing Sitkis, analyses that took days or even weeks to conduct can be done in a few dozen minutes. Sitkis incorporates the following functionality:

  • Import ISI Web of Science data on articles and other publications into Microsoft Access Database for easy access and manipulation
  • Create analyses of citing and cited articles, including time series trends in citation classics within a specific discourse
  • Export UCINET-compatible networks of citing and cited articles. Export functionality includes automatic normalization, selection of year ranges, treshold levels for minimum number of citations, etc.
  • Group articles into independent dense groups, and analyze different theoretical streams within a selected scientific discourse
  • Generate statistics based on the country or university of the original or citing authors


Advanced users can also accomplish the following tasks much more efficiently by utilizing Sitkis:

  • Manage knowledge of a topic area by categorizing and prioritizing articles
  • Create bibliometric analyses by coding articles according to criteria of your choice
  • Cluster and partition co-citation networks to reveal the structure of citation and co-citation patterns
  • Use abstracts of articles in a text analysis software

Sitkis requires Microsoft Access 2000 (or newer, part of Microsoft Office) and Java 1.3 (or newer) run time environment (freely available from Sun Microsystems) to function. Sitkis runs on all PC computers, but a relatively powerful computer is recommended for analysis dealing with large number (over 5000) of articles.