In previous posts, I have defended the use of Latex for the final version of scientific papers (all my doctoral students do). However, today I will introduce a different text editor which has some very interesting features for those who consider that Latex is too heavy.

Scrivener is a multi-vitamin editor with many features, options and possibilities. However, today I will only focus on the three most interesting from my point of view.

The first feature is the possibility of working the ideas and contents of our project separately. In other words, we can create separate mini documents for each chapter or section within our project and then rearrange them (through a tree structure) to generate the final document.

The second feature is the separation between the working view and the final document. We can work with several mini documents with different fonts and styles depending on the theme we are developing, and later homogenize them in the final document. All this without the need to modify the originals. In other words, we can obtain different final documents according to our needs without altering what we have already done previously.

As you can see, these two characteristics are shared with Latex, but without the complexity of their functions and reserved words.


The third feature is the ability to store and work with the main text screen, notes, references and research material in the same project. In addition to the mini-documents we have already mentioned, Scrivener has a section called Cork Panel that allows us to combine all our evidence and resources: ideas, images, diagrams, notes, etc. We can access to all these information without the need to change the software. Scrivener is like a desktop that allows you to sort all your material and resources as well as writing your project.

If you are an orderly person, and you like to have all your information of a research project in just one place, Scrivener can be your solution. In addition, you can find versions for MS Windows, Mac OSX, and IOS.

For more information, you can visit the Scrivener Web Site.