Hello everybody,

After a few months I have not had time to upload a new post, I’ve decided to go back to it. Today I present a service that I found out on the web last week. Its name is ScholarTown and it’s a platform for researchers (employers) who need to identify and recruit scholarly freelances to carry out very specific research-related tasks.

Although the platform is designed primarily for editors of scientific journals to find reviewers for manuscripts submitted to their journals, the platform can also be used to offer and get other research-related tasks such as document translation, research project review, and data analysis.

The system is extremely simple. Scholarly freelances can register in the system describing their profile based on several criteria predefined by the system (field of research, university degrees, years of experience, etc.). Also, scholarly freelances can also configure bid alarms according to various parameters.


On the other hand, the employer offers a task in the system. This task contains a title, a description of the task, the field of research, the necessary requirements, and the budget. From here, any scholarly freelances can offer their services. To do this, they must make an offer (which may be different from the one proposed by the employer). The offer consists of three elements: the cost of the service, the time to perform the service, and other clarifications that are deemed appropriate. Finally, the employer analyzes all the offers that have get, and accept the one that suits them.

As you can see, it is quite simple. Offer and demand. Without complications. So if you need help for some research task, you know where to go. I suppose you are asking about the business model of this platform. The company charges scholars a 6% service fee that is automatically deducted from their compensation.

Link: https://scholartown.com