Most social science research follows a positivist (and post-positivist) paradigm characterized, among other things, the use of quantitative data. However, to answer certain questions and achieve certain goals of research in social sciences, we need to raise research with a more interpretive/constructivist paradigm with a more intensive use of qualitative data. Although the Spanish universities offer a lot of research courses, seminars and workshops in the field of quantitative data analysis, the number of courses, seminars and workshops for the analysis of qualitative data is ridiculous.


The SAIC at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is one of the few (perhaps the only) to Spanish level which provides a space for sharing knowledge about qualitative methodologies and to facilitate the training of researchers from different areas of knowledge they have common methodologies with qualitative data used to generate knowledge.

The SAIC programs various seminars and workshops related to the research process with qualitative data: the research design, data analysis, writing research reports (as an author), review of qualitative manuscripts (as a journal reviewer), the choice and management of technologies to research, etc.

Some of the courses, workshops and seminars have been:

  • SAIC Express: Atlas.ti Workshop
  • SAIC Express: Transana Workshop
  • SAIC Express: Paradigms coding AQUAD 7
  • SAIC Express: Workshop Elan (audiovisual data analysis)
  • Seminar: Strategies of design and analysis: content analysis and grounded theory
  • Seminar: Writing and review of qualitative manuscripts
  • Workshop: Mind Maps: Compendium

I have participated in several of their courses, workshops and seminars, and I can assure their high quality level and that everyone, who has participated in these courses, finish them with a high degree of satisfaction.

You can find more information on the following website: