The software Projects by Digital Sciencie allows scientific researchers to organize their research outputs in a safe, simple and structured way, helping to track the whole research process.

We can define Projects as a documents manager with vitamins for researchers. With Projects, we will be able to:

  1. Create projects
  2. Define a hierarchical structure based on collections (by default, there are: Experiment, Outputs, Data, Code, Analysis, Protocols, and References)
  3. Store files hierarchically within collections.

Moreover, Projects has a timeline that tracks the inclusion, modification or deletion of any document we have in the project, as well as makes a snapshot of the content of the project in a specific moment. This last option allows us to retrieve documents in the exact state when we did the snapshot. In simplier words, a time machine.


Finally, Projects also allows work collaboratively and publish the results in online repositories, such as figshare.

Projects is available only for Mac OSX (in short, it will be released in MS Windows and Linux), and you can download it on the program’s website: