Last week I was on a dissertation evaluating the work entitled “Diseño de una Metodología de Política Pública de I+D+i para el Desarrollo de la Capacidad de la Innovación en el Sector PYMIS del estado Bolívar, Venezuela” of the PhD Candidate Edgar Alexander Piñero, whose supervisor has been the Professor Carlos Rodríguez Monroy (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

The goal of this thesis is to design a methodology aimed at public policy for R&D&I to lead, coordinate and direct the RIS of Bolivar state, for the development of innovation capacity in the industrial sector and specifically in the SMIs. This thesis is an experimental investigation of projective type which analyzes the current situation of the Regional Innovation System of the Bolivar state. The analysis of the results is divided into three phases.

  1. In the first one, a diagnosis is performed through surveys of SMIs in R&D&I centers and research laboratories belonging to the universities of the region in the area of materials and public and private financial sectors. In such surveys the level of integration with government agencies that define and manage the public policy of R&D&I is assessed.
  2. In the second phase, with the diagnosis and processing of the results of the first phase, we proceed to develop an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the Regional Innovation System, allowing the comprehension of the current status of the relationship of SMIs with research centers, financial institutions and government agencies. With the problems identified it was necessary to design strategies and a model of public policy management of R&D&I for the articulation of the members of the RIS, to support the SMIs.
  3. In the third phase a public policy methodology for R&D&I is designed in order to strengthen innovation in SMIs. The methodology is shown through a proposed model that relates to the theories of the innovation process, with models of innovation systems and with the discussions and recommendations made by different researchers and institutions of international cooperation concerning the implementation of policies public for R&D&I to boost innovation capacity in the industrial sector.

The thesis concludes that the development of the innovation capacity in SMIs depends on the design and implementation of the public policy for R&D&I as a catalyst and coordination mechanism of the Regional Innovation System of the Bolivar state.