Today, I’m going to present a reference manager for Google Fans Reserachers. The name is Paperpile and it’s a web-based reference manager that helps you to collect and organize your research papers in Chrome and stores your PDFs in Google Drive.



Main Features:

Built for Chrome

  • Paperpile uses the latest web technologies in Google Chrome to bring traditional desktop-only advanced features to a modern web-application.

Smart, simple interface

  • Organize your papers with folders, labels and stars. Filter by author, journal, or item type. Find and automatically fix papers with incomplete data. Search your library in real-time or quickly find a paper online.

Your PDFs organized – on all your devices

  • Found a reference on a website? Let Paperpile download the PDF, name it for you, and store it in Google Drive. Just one click and in a matter of seconds you can read the paper on all your devices.

Write your papers in Google Docs

  • Google Docs makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues on a paper. With Paperpile you now can also manages the references of a paper collaboratively. Whether your colleagues use Paperpile or not – it just works.

Your browser optimized for research

  • Paperpile is here to help you search for literature on the web. Enjoy tight integration with Chrome and websites such as Google Scholar, PubMed, and Twitter.