Today we will discuss a notebook that I started to use it some months ago. Its name is Simplenote and, as its name suggests, is a simple, light and clean notebook. Moreover, it’s free and is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and the web.


Simplenote is a note taking application that has several features that I really like:

  1. There is a single folder where all the notes are stored.
  2. The classification of the notes is by tags , so we can implement a folder structure if we desire.
  3. We can share a note adding the email address of another person as a tag.
  4. We can work collaboratively with another person on the same note.
  5. The search engine can search by tags or content.
  6. We may post a note on the website of Simplenote in one click
  7. The notes are stored in plain text format, so there is not any kinf of problem when you want to copy them in other applications.
  8. And finally, Simplenote has a very simple but effective system for backup of notes over time. With this system, we can get back any version of our notes draging a simple slider.

As you can see, Simplenote is a simple notebook but with many options. In my case, I usually divide my notes between Simplenote and Evernote. I store the most perishable notes in Simplenote, while I store the rest of the notes in Evernote (which we’ll talk another day).