This week I have published the book “Nuevas investigaciones sobre la gestión de la Empresa Familiar en España” (in English: New research on the management of the family business in Spain), through the scientific publisher OmniaPublisher SL (OmniaScience).


This book focuses on scientific contributions for understanding the current situation of the Spanish family business, its causes and its possible evolution in a medium and long term. The book aims to provide strategies and guidelines to overcome the current crisis from different and diverse perspectives. The contributions provide insight, both globally and specifically in various areas of the company on how Spanish family businesses could continue or become more competitive.

The book’s contributors are experts from the academic and professional world, specialists in the fields of Strategy, Economics, Production and Logistics, People Management, Systems and Information Technology, Financial Management, Marketing, and Information Sciences. Initially we received 19 research proposals that after two rounds of reviews, were reduced to 8 chapters of high quality scientists. The 22 researchers involved in this publication are from seven prestigious universities.