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Armengol, X; Fernandez, V.; Simo, P.; Sallan, J.M. (2015). An Examination of the Effects of Self-Regulatory Focus on the Perception of the Media Richness: The Case of E-Mail. International Journal of Business Communication, 1-14. doi:10.1177/2329488415572780


Communication is a key element in organizations’ business success. The media richness theory and the channel expansion theory are two of the most influential theories regarding the selection and use of communication media in organizations; however, literature has focused little on the effects of self-regulation by managers and employees in these theories. To analyze these topics, this study develops an empirical investigation by gathering data from 600 managers and employees using a questionnaire. The results suggest that the perception of media richness is positively affected when the individual shows a promotion focus or strategy.


organizational communication, media richness, channel expansion theory, regulatory focus theory