This fragment was taken from the section “Letters to the editor” of the newspaper “La Vanguardia” in date: June 9, 2013.

Seven educational reforms in a democracy with less than forty years of life seem too many. And our first thinking is related to the money that textbook publishers have won during these years. One reason that many people have used to justify these seven educational reforms is the improvement of the rates of school failure: approx. thirty percent in our country today. Is educational system the guilty of this reality? It is interesting to analyze an example from our society that children and adolescents have seen before dropping out. For example, we have seen a former councilwoman who after masturbating, recording it with her mobile, sending it to someone who was not her husband and impersonating as a Joan of Arc of feminism, she has managed to turn the TV on her springboard to fame, put aside her principles (if any), to become a gossip show reporter in the dumbest box, and thanks to all that, surely significantly reduced her mortgage. At the same time, Spanish Government has denied a scholarship to further research to the best European Physical researcher in the last two years. “Cría cuervos”.