Interesting article by Zigor Aldama from Shanghai, which makes you think about the diversification and the globalization of products and services today. Here you can read an extract from this article in El País on July 20, 2013.

“Koreans are able to live a life exclusively Samsung: they may be born in the Samsung Medical Center, to grow using the Samsung Educational Software, and enjoy watching a baseball game where the owner of the team is, of course, Samsung, in a TV build by Samsung Electronics, and located in the living room of their apartment built by Samsung C&T. They may also air on a cruise aboard a boat built by Samsung Heavy Industries, or enjoy in the theme park of Samsung Everland. And if they are having an heart attack on a roller coaster, nothing happens, because they can use their smartphone Samsung Galaxy to alert the hospital where they were born, where doctors will use the technology of Samsung Healtheare to try to save their life. If they do not, Samsung Life offers all sorts life insurance. Paid, of course, by a Samsung Credit Card… “.