TexStudio: Latex Editor

We have previously spoken of Latex, that allows us to write scientific papers with absolute control on the final result. Most distributions have a basic Latex editor, but there are a lot of  “vitamin” Latex editors  to simplify the wording of such documents. One of the most popular is TexStudio, a fork of Texmaker, which works in […]

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Sitkis: Literature Review

Sitkis is a free Java-based software tool developed exclusivily for bibliometric analysis. Sitkis provides tools for extremely streamlined analysis of bibliometric networks. Utilizing Sitkis, analyses that took days or even weeks to conduct can be done in a few dozen minutes. Sitkis incorporates the following functionality:

Import ISI Web of Science data on articles and […]

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Operating Systems for Research

Some weeks ago, a PhD student asked me what operating system was the best for doing his thesis. My response was that any operating system was good as we could find the required software to develop his doctoral thesis in MS Windows, MacOSX, ChromeOS, and Linux. After that, I decided to create several posts with a list of all the software […]

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R: the final software for statistical and graphical analysis

Today I will introduce one of the tools that I use in my research (and part of my teaching): R. For those who do not know it, R is a language and programming environment for statistical and graphical analysis. It was originally developed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka (the name of this language […]

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Overleaf: Online Collaborative Writing and Publishing System with Latex

In the last posts, we have been discussing about Latex (see here and here), the most popular editing system oriented to the creation of scientific books and papers (and presentations) on the world. In both cases, we explain that we could download and install Latex in our computers with MS Windows, MAC OS X […]

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figshare: repository of research stuffs

In the academic/research world, the main tool to share knowledge are the articles published in scientific journals. We can use conferences and books, but they are not so important. However, there are many other research outputs that researchers can’t share with other colleagues: complementary figures, posters, filesets, datasets, media, drafts, etc. So, there is […]

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Latex: Hello world!

In this post, we are going to write our first  code.




\title{My first document}





Hello world!

We can write \textbf{bold} or \emph{italics} words and sentences.

We are going to analyze line by line the previous code.

\documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} This line indicates three aspects: the document format is A4 size, the font size is 12 points, and the structure of the […]

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SAIC: Research Courses with Qualitative Data

Most social science research follows a positivist (and post-positivist) paradigm characterized, among other things, the use of quantitative data. However, to answer certain questions and achieve certain goals of research in social sciences, we need to raise research with a more interpretive/constructivist paradigm with a more intensive use of qualitative data. Although the Spanish […]

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Notability: Taking Notes

Most people around me know that I quite like the technology (For this reason I decided to study an engineering degree in telecommunications), and therefore always ask me about devices and programs to do certain tasks. One of the most common questions is: what is best program to take notes? The answer is never […]

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Pomodoro Technique (Time Management)

Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s and is one of the most popular methods of time managing worldwide; however, we can find as many retractatores as enthusiastices.

Pomodoro Technique is divided into 5 phases:

1. Inventory The first step is to make a list of all the tasks […]

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