Last November, my colleague Eva Gallardo and I organised our second workshop based on the Lego Serious Play methodology. On this occasion, the workshop aimed to develop a strategic plan for the internationalisation of Central Asian and Asian universities. Eva Gallardo was responsible for the group made up of Chinese universities, while I was in charge of managing the group made up of universities from Kazakhstan.

The workshop lasted 20 hours spread over 4 consecutive days in the facilities of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech. Although at the beginning of the workshop some participants had some doubts about the use of Lego pieces to achieve the objectives of the workshop, all of them will be highly satisfied with the process and the results obtained. Even some of the participants have proposed to us to carry out new workshops based on the Lego Serious Play methodology for the resolution of some organisational issues that they currently have.

It is important to highlight that the results of the workshop provided the necessary information for drafting the first version of the strategic plan for internationalisation. Based on these results, each university has continued to develop its strategic plan under our supervision. We have already started to receive the first drafts of these strategic plans, and I have to admit that they have a lot of potentials. I look forward to welcoming them and seeing the work they have done before we move on to the next stage of development.