Last summer, we organized the 3rd Summer School of Sino-EU Doctoral School for Logistics, Information, Management, and Service Science, which was held at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona Tech (Spain). This summer school is one of work from Sino-EU Doctoral School for Logistics, Information, Management and Service Sciences between Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Barcelona Tech (UPC-Spain) and Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU-China) to promote discipline integration and innovate doctoral training in engineering, with the advantages of both universities in fields of logistics and management science.

Finally, 21 PhD students from 6 different countries (mainly from China and Spain) and 8 professors and lecturers participated in this event. The summer School had 4 seminars (Network analysis, Regression models, Statistical analysis for research data, and Systematic literature reviews: What is meant by that?), 2 workshops (How to prepare a poster for a conference, and Peer-review process: what to take into account to increase publication probability), 1 special activity (Mindfulness for PhD), and 1 final competition (3-minute PhD Dissertation).

From my perspective, it was a great experience and I believe that all the participants ended up very happy with the organization and the activities. We will keep working with the aim of repeating the experience in the future.

List of professors/lecturers: Prof. Antonio Cañabate, Prof. Eva Gallardo, Prof. Ferran Sabaté, Prof. Imma Ribas, Prof. Jose Maria Sallan, Prof. Oriol Lordan, Ms. Silvia Sunyer, and Prof. Vicenc Fernandez.

List of participants: Belén Derqui Zaragoza, Claudia Olvera, Cong Wang, Conghui Cheng, Elva Lizeth Ramos, Hankun Zhang, Honghu Gao, Jie Xiang, Josep Lluís Torres, Jun Wang, Lan Teng, Mage Màrmol, Manman Zhang, Mu Du, Qian Pu, Qiwen Du, Robert Ojstersek, Shouting Zhao, Xinyi Lu, Yuankai Zhang, and Yunfang Ma